Go Ducks!

As you might imagine, the whole state of Oregon seems to have it’s eyes focused squarely on Glendale, Arizona, today, as the University of Oregon Ducks play tonight in the BCS “championship” football game. I’m not a particular fan of the Ducks (or the OSU Beavers, for that matter). Nevertheless, and notwithstanding the significant points that the so-called championship of so-called amateur student athletes is neither, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the hype.

Even the Montgomery Park office building is dressed for the game. The building, which I first photographed in 2008, was originally a distribution center for Montgomery Ward. When it was later converted to an office building, they called it Montgomery Park because they only had to change two letters on the sign.

Now (with, apparently, a little help from Nike) they have temporarily changed most of the letters and the iconic sign reads “Go Ducks (swoosh).”