Daphne Violet Ginn

Daphne Violet Ginn
Daphne Violet Ginn, born June 14, 2014 in Cleveland. (Photo by Matthew Ginn © 2014)

On June 14, after a long night for Perrie and me in the hospital, our daughter Daphne Violet was born. She weighed in at 3260 grams (7 lbs. 3 oz.), measured 49.5 cm (19.5″) in length, and had a placenta of 610 grams (which is important to know when the mother is a placentologist).

Perrie labored at home most of Friday, doing a bit of work and baking cookies between contractions. We left for MetroHealth hospital around 10:30 p.m. for our red-eye delivery. Our birth team, led by Dr. Christine Alexander and doula Noreen Roman, met us there and worked with Perrie through the night to deliver a healthy baby girl.

After everyone was cleaned up and put back together, Perrie and I had just a few moments to celebrate (which may or may not have involved a surreptitious Ginn martini toast) in the birthing room before we were moved to the Mother & Baby unit down the hall. There, Perrie and Daphne spent the next two days getting poked and prodded, fed and bathed, recovering and receiving visitors.

We were finally released from the hospital Monday afternoon and brought the newest Scarborian back to Sevenoaks. Perrie will be on maternity leave full-time through mid August, and I will be doing my best to keep my girls fed, rested and clean.

The care we received at MetroHealth was first-rate from start to finish. Dr. Alexander, Noreen, and the many nurses, residents and other staff who spent time with us in the delivery room could not have done a better job bringing our little girl into the world.