Ramsey Duqum

Ramsey Duqum
Ramsey Duqum, CEO of Aable Rents, poses at the company’s warehouse in Euclid, Ohio. (Photo © 2014 Matthew Ginn)

After a lengthy sidebar, back to some recent(ish) work.

Back in April I had the pleasure of photographing Ramsey Duqum, partner and CEO of Aable Rents, a business specializing in renting high-end tents and flooring for large outdoor parties and corporate events.

It is hard to photograph a single person with something large like, say, a tent. Especially when they generally don’t have them set up on their premises. When I arrived at their warehouse on the Euclid/Cleveland border, one of the company employees showed me around some of the areas they thought might be suitable. One in particular stood out: an area by a large bay door where they store some of the structural members for their large tents. Sure, it doesn’t scream “tents”, but it was interesting, available, clean (visually and, for a warehouse, hygienically), and had nice light. I set up a single light to supplement the natural light, and went to work.

Randy and everyone at Aable Rents were great to work with, and we got some nice results.


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