Christmas in Palm Desert (1)

Perrie, Daphne and I were lucky to spend this past Christmas with Perrie’s father and stepmother in Palm Desert. The weather was cooler and rainier than typical, but (apart from Christmas day itself) much warmer than Cleveland! I’ll separate the pictures into a more-or-less chronological series of posts for your enjoyment.

We began the trip with an early morning flight from CLE -> PHX -> ONT, where Perrie’s folks met us for the 1.5-hour drive back to Palm Desert. DVG was excited to try out the cheap—but small and light—car seat we acquired especially for the trip. It worked out very well, although we discovered that the buckle for the airplane seat belt pushed into her backside when the car seat was secured in the airplane seat. We solved that problem on the return trip by shoving the in-flight magazine between the car seat cushion and the airplane seat belt.

No pictures of the drive, but it was uneventful.