My favorite photos from 2013, and why I like them

My favorite photos from 2013, and why I like them

Following up on last year’s favorite photos post, here are my favorites from 2013. Three of these are from Portland, before we moved—feels like another life—and the rest are from Cleveland and environs. In no particular order: Ken Eshelman is a staff member of the Fund for the Public Interest, which is an umbrella fund-raising […]

Happy holidays!

Best wishes for the holidays and the new year, from the studios of Matthew Ginn, photographer.

Green Energy

Energy production—or, more accurately, its conversion from one form to another—is one of the most fundamental activities that humans undertake. Over the years I have photographed a variety of assignments related to electric generation, from coal-fired power plants to hydro dam demolitions to solar array construction. In the past, electric power generation generally meant large-scale, […]

Cleveland velodrome

Most of my work these days is editorial portraiture: pictures of individuals or small groups, generally in their own environment. These are typically commissioned by a magazine or newspaper to illustrate a story about a noteworthy person or the primary source of a story about some other topic. That’s great, I love that kind of […]

CBC Magazine

The May 2013 issue of Cleveland Business Connects magazine was a huge one for me—three stories (one a hold-over from April), including the cover. The cover shot was a last-minute addition to my schedule. But you get an email asking if you want to shoot magazine. Um, let me think about that a second … […]

Michelle McAfee

Michelle McAfee

Last fall, I was hired by talented musician Michelle McAfee to shoot some publicity photos in support of her (then) upcoming album Float. After discussing the concept, negotiating, scheduling the shoot, scouting, a bout of food poisoning, and re-scheduling the shoot, we managed to pick a day with a 90% chance of precipitation. Fortunately, our […]

Moving to Cleveland

I am very excited to announce that I will be moving my office and talents to Cleveland, Ohio, starting in March. I’ll have a new mailing address, but my phone number and email won’t change, so you’ll still be able to get hold of me in the usual ways. When my wife Perrie and I […]

Critical Revue 2!

Following on the success of last year’s Critical Revue night, Pauline Zonneveld and I are proud to bring the event back for another go. As photographers, the most important marketing tool we have is our portfolio. You know the portfolio is supposed to be the best of the best images you’ve ever made, but how […]

My favorite portraits from 2012, and why I like them

It’s a good exercise to look back, periodically, at your work. The start of a new year seems to be the natural time for that, so here, in no particular order, are my 10 favorite portraits from 2012. I love photographing people in their own homes, because the home really is a reflection of its […]

Pepe Rafael

I often write here about the fascinating people I get to photograph, but Pepe Rafael really stood above the others. Pepe, leader of the band Pepe and the Bottle Blondes and member of several other groups, is a natural entertainer. How’s this for a resume: after quitting school at 13 to work as a welder, […]