Little Big Burger and Boxer Sushi

Here are some images I made on assignment for Oregon Business a couple months ago, along with some of the out takes. I was sent out to photograph local restauranteurs Micah Camden and Katie Poppe at their flagship Little Big Burger store in the Pearl District, as well as their new restaurant Boxer Sushi. It was a fun assignment for me as don’t get to photograph food very often (which is probably good for my waistline). Unfortunately the sushi restaurant was cut from the story—don’t know why—but the pictures turned out well.

Micah and Katie keep busy. They just opened a new Little Big Burger outlet on NW 23rd Ave.—their fifth, I believe—and at least one more is in the works. It’s probably a good thing the NW 23rd location wasn’t open when I lived in that area, because it’s really good! (They serve truffle-oil fries with Camden’s own ketchup recipe … wow.)

The sushi restaurant, which features chef Ian Skomski, is in SE Portland. I haven’t eaten there. Yet.

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