Real people, real places, real life.

Matthew Ginn is an independent visual journalist and photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts, specializing in environmental portraits of fascinating people. He also enjoys taking his camera “behind the scenes” or “in the middle of” any place where interesting people are doing cool things. His work has been published in dozens of newspapers and magazines from coast to coast, and he serves several corporate and private clients.

Equally at ease in dive bars and martini bars, board rooms and factory floors, bustling urban centers and desolate wilderness, Matthew enjoys the opportunity to explore all facets of life on planet Earth. His journey has taken him from the heights of the Andes to thousands of feet below the Precambrian Shield. He has traveled extensively in North America, and can get by in Spanish and French as well as his native English. And if you really want to know what he’s been up to recently, check out his personal blog.

For assignments—anywhere—or stock requests, contact Matthew today:

mobile: 971-219-7189
email: matthew[at]matthewginn.com